Jean Steinbrecher Architects

Weaving dreams of home...

'Celtic Cross' - photo by JK Lawrence
• Jean Steinbrecher Architects is a full service architecture firm specializing in the design of custom residences that utilize massive wood joinery. Led by Mira Jean Steinbrecher, AIA, the firm is known internationally for its consistently good work.
• Dedicated to the creation of beautiful homes that serve the unique needs of their owners, the firm’s portfolio exhibits a diversity of building styles & techniques. Each affords its occupants a 'home' that is far more than the sum of its house parts.
• Mira Jean Steinbrecher's is a well-known voice in the log & timber industry. With decades of experience designing residential projects, she writes extensively for the media & teaches often. Her work is widely & regularly published.


Unique plans for special homes...

'Ravenwolf' - photo by David D. Livingston
• MIRA PLANS, created by Mira Jean Steinbrecher, are well-designed standard & customizable plans for homes of various types & sizes. Beautifully as well as practically conceived, these proven designs are both workable & livable.
• Final choices of materials, finishes & colors make each built project unique. Sets of drawings lack only the input of a locally licensed engineer.
• Whether building a ‘Not So BIG’ lakeside cottage, a seaside cabin, a mountain lodge or a twenty-first century farmhouse, discover an interesting array of ideas & unique plans for carefully, elegantly & thoughtfully designed homes - real plans for real people.